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Focus4growth Sales Acceleration

Welcome to Focus4growth Sales Acceleration

Sales programs for organisations

Our flagship Sales Training Program based on the bestselling book INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL.

This program is designed with our client in mind. We start by inviting the team to complete the Sales Acceleration Scorecard to assess the sales teams’ current performance levels.

We use the data from your Scorecard to shape the program content.

The program covers the three foundations of World Class Sales Performance:

1 – Psychology
2 – Skills
3 – Systems

We start with models from positive psychology and mindset. Then we utilise the simple but powerful ‘Prepare²’ framework. Finally, we work through the best-in-class ‘INSPIRe Sales System’.

All of our workshops are interactive, highly engaging and focused on action and implementation. Tailored to suit the organisation and team’s needs these workshops are truly transformational for sales teams and leaders.

The model has been designed to be incredibly easy for leaders to coach and embed the new behaviours as their teams apply them in the field.

Programmes to Accelerate your Sales & Sales Leadership Performance

The INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL online programme has been specifically designed for Sales & Business professionals who want to gain a competitive advantage. Using the proven growth systems, principles and tools from the best-selling book INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL, this programme will accelerate your team’s confidence, performance and results.

The INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, SELL online programme has been designed to be completed with video tutorials helping you apply the content as you develop in your role and engage with clients. Many participants find it’s useful to work through the programme alongside the best-selling book and completion of the Sales Acceleration Scorecard.

The speed and pace of completion will depend on the ‘sales readiness’ of you, your organisation and team.

This could range from weeks to months, application and results are the key measures of success.

Work through each module step by step and enjoy applying the principles as you learn them.

The content will be continually updated with the most up to date sales principles and resources.

The SMP can be used as an ongoing ‘sales acceleration resource’ for your organisation.

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