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Dee Deng – Ignite Your Digital Agency

Welcome to Dee Deng – Ignite Your Digital Agency



The 1st module is all about getting your foundation right before we dive deeper into the course material.

New agency owner? Let’s land your first client. Get clear on who your ideal client is, approach them with confidence and pitch them like a pro.
Already running an agency? We’ll assess the state of your business and identify what needs to be prioritized for “headache-free” growth.
Solo lifestyle business, 100+ person agency or somewhere in between? Get ultra-clear on what success looks… so you love what you’re building!
Don’t waste weeks (or months) mulling over your ideal client avatar. Dee will show you how to quickly validate or refine your assumptions.
Why Should I Join You? Get clear on your “Ikigai” so that key stakeholders such as clients and employees enthusiastically buy into your vision.


In this module, we’ll dial in on the 1st growth pillar – Acquisition.

Dee will reveal 3 agency positioning levers to pull which “subconsciously” repel nightmare clients while attracting your dream ones.
Powerful Client Acquisition With “Authentic Content”: Discover why most sales funnels fail and how to make yours different so it pulls in “authentic clients”
Discover “under-the-radar” yet powerful pricing & proposal strategies to decisively close prospects who can’t seem to commit.
Prospects bail when you present your offer? Discover the 5 exact offer switches to hit to make becoming a client a no-brainer.
Close sales can be bad for business! You must “test” prospects with these 5 questions before agreeing to do business with them.


This module will set yourself apart from the majority agency owners who only focus on client acquisition. The result is happy clients, repeat business and referrals.

The Mechanics Behind Stress-Free Fulfillment: Structure your team setup, workflow processes, who’s accountable for what… and much much more!
Delivering great work isn’t enough! Discover the “compulsory conversation” you must initiate for happy clients, repeat business & referrals.
Expand clientele without straining your talent pool. Learn how to prioritize hires, attract top talent and troubleshoot “bad” hires.
Partnering up with an agency co-founder could result in a messy divorce. Dee will show you his decision framework so you can decide on the if, who, when & how.
Remove Yourself As The Bottleneck! Create these 5 systems to save hours per week, enjoy hands-off scaling… without sacrificing quality.


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