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Dan Henry – Sold Out Courses

The course was very successful and still earns him millions of dollars because of his Sold Out Courses method. In his course, Sold Out Courses, Dan teaches how you can use his method to sell courses.

To summarize his Sold Out Courses method, you would:

1. Sell group coaching
2. Deliver coaching calls and observe
3. Record coaching sessions and Refine your curriculum based on the student’s concerns
4. Create the course based on the coaching program
5. Create an evergreen webinar that covers objections and questions prospects might have
6. Sell the course
Using Dan’s method, you wouldn’t spend a lot of time on product development without an established audience ready to buy.

How Just One Evergreen Webinar Built Our 7 Figure Online Course Business

EXCLUSIVE Training With DAN HENRY – Sold Out Courses:

  • The new model of selling online courses that doesn’t require Launches, Joint Ventures, or building a huge email list.
  •  How to make your competition irrelevant and never worry about making sales, even if you don’t consider yourself a “guru”.
  •  The exact paid traffic strategy we used to sell over 5,000 copies, plus I’ll even show you my current ads that are working


Dan Henry’s Facebook advertising & funnels course is solid, everything is there to learn FB marketing. However, from my experience, FB marketing really depends on the niche & the product & service you’re offering.

Sure there are niches that work with Facebook ads, but the problem is there are many niches that really struggle with Facebook ads.

Google Adwords usually produced much better results for me for many of these home-service type of industries which I like to be in because there’s a lot of action happening constantly and a lot of the business happens over the phone.

Unfortunately Dan Henry doesn’t teach adwords or local SEO. So I’d say those two skills would be the biggest missing piece with this program.

Unlike Facebook Ads, if you know how to generate leads with free traffic, you can virtually go into any niche and create rockstar level results for clients.

That’s how 90% of my multiple 6 figure income is generated. And I should add that it’s passive income, see free traffic never stops.

In 2020, even during Covid-19, I continue to build more lead gen sites and I write at least 1 blog post for this site, because I’ve come to realize that these are the high-income producing activities because it directly increases my free traffic every month.

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