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The Fab Facebook Group System


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Caitlin Bacher – The Fab Facebook Group System

Welcome to The Fab Facebook Group System! I can’t WAIT to meet you.

Over the next 30 days, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of your Facebook group to get a bigger email list, more customers, and build a thriving community.


  • 4 weeks of worksheets, checklists, and templates
  • 6 hours of videos walking you through each step of the system
  • 24/7 Access to the VIP community
  • Access to monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Caitlin
  • Any bonuses specified on the sales page
  • Lifetime access to the course and community (including all future updates to the program at no extra charge)

Just Imagine A World Where

  • You feel like the authority you are! Sometimes knowledge becomes so second nature we forget that it’s special. But when you start teaching, you’ll realize the full depth of your knowledge. #smartypants
  • Your confidence is off the charts! You know exactly what you’re doing as you host your group. You have great content, excellent value, and amazing branding. No second guessing or putting energy in the wrong places. You’ve got this!
  • You feel connected to your clients. Not only do you get to interact with them daily, you get to see your clients learn and grow in real time. You’ll get to actually witness the results of your info courses! Talk about fulfillment!
  • You can read your client’s minds. Because you get to see their concerns, questions, and desires, you’ll have the power to develop the exact products they’ll want. No more creating in a vacuum. Waste less time and sell more products!
  • You never feel salesy. You give your group so much value that they will be hungry for anything you have to offer. There’s no such thing as giving away too much for free stuff because the more you give away, the more they’ll want.
  • Your email list has exploded with followers. Don’t worry about starting a group if you don’t have a big list or social presence. Your Facebook group will build your list. And you know what this leads to: More sales.



Introducing The Fab Facebook Group System


The Fab Facebook Group System Free Download


The only course where you’ll build + launch a killer facebook group in just 30 days!

Through simple, actionable steps, i’ll help you grow a huge, super engaged community so you can connect with your people, be seen as an expert, and expand your empire. Drop. The. Mic.

Look, we’ve all been too a badly planned, party. The kind with lame decorations, weak conversation, unappetizing snacks, a pathetic playlist, where no one’s having a good time.

Guess what? A badly planned facebook group can feel exactly the same. A total waste of everyone’s Saturday night.

But, with the right strategies in place, we can turn your facebook group into the rip-roaring, music blasting, lamp-shade-sporting, event of the century!

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Caitlin Bacher - The Fab Facebook Group System

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