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Composition Essentials 2020


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Rachel Korinek – Composition Essentials 2020

Welcome to Composition Essentials

Everything You Need To Know To Style, Compose + Photograph Your Unique Food Story.

What if you didn’t need to take a million lemon meringue shots to get it right?

Just imagine..

Nailing food composition became second nature and you wondered how you ever struggled in the first place?You were more organised and went into the photo shoot with a clear vision for what you want (rather than winging it every time). You could achieve the right ‘feel’ for your images and tell a story with your photos.
You were able to define your personal style to make your food photography truly recognisable and memorable (and land you that dream gig!). Your portfolio was cohesive and represented your unique style and flair.
When shooting cup cakes, you could get into that creative ‘zone’ (which is when the best shots happen!).

Let’s… Train your eyes to see things that would make an amazing image.

I hear your frustrations!

“You love taking photos of waffles but you struggle to find fresh ideas to style and compose the shot.”

“You keep reverting back to the same old, familiar setups (plate in the foreground, glass in the background) because when you try something new it just doesn’t work out”.

Or you take no less than 60 shots and you still don’t LOVE any of them!

Your food photos all just look dull and same-samey. Or the food looks, well, a little brown. (Aka…boring)


Composition is an art form

You’re looking for a creative structure as you feel overwhelmed when trying to build a food scene from nothing.

(No more feeling lost during a food shoot and relying on the same composition, background and props as usual. Which results in boring and uninspiring apple pie shots)

Rachel Korinek - Composition Essentials

That’s why I created Composition Essentials

To help you style, plan and compose your food shots like the professionals and magazines do.


Introducing Composition Essentials


This masterclass provides you with composition skills to empower you to know why certain tools work for certain imagery and recipes so you know which ones to select to create amazing food pics.

Composition essentials is the creative structure that’ll help you cherry pick composition theories to create your signature style.

Interested In Seeing What One Of Our Photoshoots Will Be Like?




I’ll take you through 5 photoshoots to discover the creative process start to finish.

We’ll photograph, whiskey, fresh produce, two salads, a noodle soup and a monochromatic scene.


7 MODULES OF VIDEO TUTORIALS IN “Composition Essentials 2020”



This course will take you from foundational concepts to the high-level composition theories you need to succeed.

We’re going to focus in on the true goals of composition and what makes an image next-level, (most of which you won’t find on the internet for free and for which you really need some professional guidance.)

SO – here’s the lowdown on what you’ll learn in each of the 7 modules:

  • Module 1: Bring Your Vision to Life

How to use composition tools, build a prop collection and find style.

  • Module 2: Foundational Concepts

Essential composition every photographer needs.

  • Module 3: Evolve Your Style

How to keep growing your style and improve your work.

  • Module 4: How-to Food Styling

Make picture perfect pastry, gorgeous fluffy meringue, lemon twist and ways to cut for interest.

  • Module 5: Advanced Concepts

The ‘science’ behind art and why certain things are more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Module 6: Styling Photoshoots

How I build composition, plan for a shoot, pick my compositional techniques, light, tether and style.

  • Module 7: Photo Assignments

Put everything you’re learning into practice with creative assignments.

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